For you have been called for this purpose, since Christ also suffered for you,
leaving you an example for you to follow in His steps.


Opportunities to Gather together


  • Worship Every Sunday in the Santuary, 9:30am
  • Adult Sermon Discussion Group and  Adult Bible Study, 11am (Sept - May)
  • Children's Sunday school, Sundays,11am (Sept-May)
  • Potluck Lunch Sunday, Fellowship Hall, 12pm, (3rd Sunday of each month)
  • Singles Ministry Game Night, Fellowship Hall, Sat, Sept 25, (6pm) -Bring a favorite game to play with others!

  • Women's fall Bible study: in Hope's Library, (6pm), Tuesdays starting Tues, Oct 5th, for 6 weeks,


Adult Ministries

  • Adult Sermon Discussion, in Sanctuary,  11am (Sundays, Sept-May)

  • Adult Bible Study, Fellowship Hall, 11am (Sundays, Sept-May)

  • Elder Meetings, 7pm  ( 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month)

  • Online Prayer Meeting, 7pm (Weds Nights)- Text or E-mail Steve for Link (we also meet @Hope and join online)

  • Adults join together in prayer, @Zimmerman's, 5pm (Thursdays)

  • Women's Breakfast, Program & Devotional, Fellowship Hall, 9am (1st Saturday of every month)
  • Men's Breakfast/Video/Discussion, Fellowship Hall, 9am (2nd Saturday of every month) 


Community Outreach

  • CareNet Family Support System - Open 12-3pm (Tues-Fri)
  • Divorce Recovery Group - Call 608-325-6360